Beauty in Winter


When I think of winter…

I think of the fresh white powder that covers everything like a blanket…

I think of the glistening icicles that are constantly stretching down towards the ground…

I think of the bright blue sky that seems to blend into its surroundings…

I think of the never-ending chill that runs up and down my spine.


I am not really a fan of winter, primarily because I hate being cold…


it’s hard to avoid the beauty in the colors that winter has to offer.

The way that the blues, greens, purples and whites all blend together in this magnificent dance… is not only amazing, but it is inspiring.


This past year I have tried to focus on finding beauty in the boring… not only by taking pictures… but also by sewing.


Amy Butler has always been one of my favorite designers… the way that she combines floral and earthy designs in unique and colorful patterns is just so awe-inspiring.



Looking at all of the colors that go into the winter season… I have been able to find fabric that speaks to me and screams Minnesota Winter… these patterns have not only inspired my sewing style, but they have made me appreciate the beauty in winter.


Finding Beauty in the Smallest Details

I love nature and her beautiful canvas.

The way that she sounds…smells… and feels…

is ever-changing and perfect.


Life is busy… it is chaotic… it is stressful.

If I have learned anything these last three-years, it is that life is precious and can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Even though we live in a fast paced… intense working world… it is important to stop every once in awhile and just look around.

As I look back on my childhood… I have realized that almost all of my favorite memories are the ones that I have outside. When I close my eyes I can still smell the purple lilacs in my parents backyard… I can feel the cool breeze against my cheeks… I can see the small robins splashing in the bird bath as they do their afternoon dance… I feel like an innocent child all over again.


I have always loved taking photos, but after I had my son Owen, I started taking them everyday. It was not until I picked up a camera and had the time to stop and enjoy life… that I noticed beauty in the smallest details.

There is beauty in:

the trees as they sway back and forth…

in the small creases of a toddlers hand…

in the texture of the rocks that line a creek bed…

in the color of the flowers as they bloom in early spring.

Every time I take a picture I try to look at my surroundings from a different angle… I try to find the things that people would usually overlook.

These pictures have inspired me to create wonderful portraits, greeting cards, calenders, makeup bags, scarves, and canvases… all of which reflect a moment in time where I felt embraced by nature.


This week I challenge you to slow down… step outside… and look around. I guarantee you will see beauty all around you… even in the smallest details.




After spending the last four years at home with my son… I have decided to embark

on a new journey.

I started a small company called…

Prairie Fields

This blog is a stepping stone… It is a way for me to share my feelings…

my single mommy tricks…

my advice… my pictures… and my merchandise.

Please join me on this crazy adventure through art and life.

I promise you… it won’t be boring.